Oaks are our specialty!

Superior genetics make better plants. At Arbor Day Nursery we pay attention to every detail possible to bring to you the best growing seedlings available on the market today. It is a proven fact that seeds collected and planted from superior growing trees utilizing the best root making system will produce superior seedlings.

We have all heard the term “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear”. Starting with the best seed, we produce the best seedlings. Arbor Day seeds (whenever possible) are collected from single sourced trees that are selected for their superior characteristics. Growers can be sure of the superiority and the consistent performance of the tree seedlings you purchase from Arbor Day Nursery.

Our seedlings are grown using Dr.Carl Whitcomb’s patented Rootmaker® containers designed to create a more fibrous root system. Rootmaker doesn’t call them just “containers” but call them root production tools. For more about this remarkable root building system, go to https://rootmaker.com/rootmaker-system and read the full story.

For an added boost, we add a mycorrhizae inoculum on all the seedlings that we sell. You can be assured you are buying the best of the best when you purchase Arbor Day Nursery.

Stronger starter plants make for a stronger finished nursery plant.

For those nursery growers desiring a larger liner and faster return on your investment, we also contract grow in 1 and 3 gallon Rootmaker® and other containers.

Our improved roots get you started growing stronger and healthier trees.

Arbor Day Nursery is a seedling production wholesale plant nursery specializing in oak trees.

Call to place your order today! Steve Jones at 931-668-3041.